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Porefining Face Mask

Skin looked smoother.

  • 4.5/5
*average rating

Pores looked tightened.

  • 4/5
*average rating

Skin was brighter.

  • 4.2/5
*average rating

Skin looked detoxiied.

  • 4.1/5
*average rating

Best mask of 2017


Would repeat their purchase


Have seen results

After how many uses did you see results?

  • 1 USE = 24%
  • 2 USE = 26%
  • 3 USE = 28%
  • 4 USE = 22%

Results from a survey sent in December 2017 to Sand & Sky cutomers, based on 10,954 answers.

Flash Perfection Exfoliating Treatment

Dry dull skin cells were removed.

  • 4.8/5
*average rating

Skin felt smoother and resurfaced.

  • 4.6/5
*average rating

Noticed fewer breakouts.

  • 4.1/5
*average rating

Skin felt invigorated.

  • 4.1/5
*average rating

Best exfoliator in the last year


Have seen results

After how many uses did you see results?

  • 1 USE = 50%
  • 2 USE = 33%
  • 3 USE = 9%
  • 4 USE = 8%

Results from a survey sent in March 2018 to Sand & Sky customers.

Porefining Face Mask

4.7/5 (385)
4stars by on February 03, 2019
This product is very good for me,my skin getting smoother and shiny i love very much.I dont have an acne just need for dry and fir my a little pores now almost done ✅ mu pores is getting open and gone..I love it very much and i am content this mas... Read more
Amazing! by on February 02, 2019
I have struggled with acne and acne scarring for so many years and I purchased this mask back in December to see how well it would work on my skin. OH MY GOODNESS it is amazing! It has faded my acne scars and helps keep acne at bay. It is not too ... Read more
Hooked for life! by on January 27, 2019
I have been using this product for 2 months now and the results are amazing. Visibility smaller pores after 1 use. I have extremely oily skin and this has been a huge help. I used to have to reapply foundation because of my oily skin and there is ... Read more
Exfoliator & Pink Clay .. AMAZING!!!! by on January 07, 2019
Absolutely OUTSTANDING!!! I've never really been one to use face masks. I've used the odd couple every now and then .. until I got these! I had to try it because it looked amazing and quite frankly I'm speechless. I waited months to get hold of th... Read more
BEST MASK EVER by on January 02, 2019
I recieved mine a few days ago. I used it tonight. Love it. I have large pores, blackheads and whiteheads. My gosh I put it on. Feels so smooth and silky. It didnt feel super tight but can feel it working. Before I rinsed it off I used a magnifyin... Read more

Exfoliating Treatment

4.7/5 (21)
Wow by on February 15, 2019
I have had horrible acne since I was 14 I am currently almost 29. This product is a life saver. My skin isn’t as red and blotchy. My acne is slowly clearing up and my scarring has decreased significantly. I’ve only had the product about two weeks ... Read more
Wow just Wow!!! by on January 31, 2019
I never ever leave reviews for most thing I purchase but after trying this amazing mask I had to! I received it today and just got done putting it on and washing it off after 10 minutes and OMG!!!! My face is the smoothest it has ever felt, I want... Read more
Scrub & Mask by on September 24, 2018
I love the scrub and the mask so much!! I have tried many, many products over my 40 years and by far I am the happiest with Sand & Sky!!! I live in Boston, MA. so with the crazy weather these products have worked through the cold and the heat!! ... Read more
Wow! by on September 13, 2018
First of all Igot sand and sky to see if it’s just the hype or all worth it! And l have to say it is!!! After 3 weeks of use my skin feels so smooth and soft and looks so beautiful! I have oily skin so I always have problems with blackheads and st... Read more
Can't live with out it!! by on July 25, 2018
This stuff is soo good! the glow i had the morning after using it was incredible! i've been using this for a few weeks now and my skin is a LOT clearer

Perfect Skin Bundle

4.8/5 (34)
I am not sure by on April 08, 2019
Hello, I have an oily and dull skin with pigmentation around my lips and nose area. Also have large pores and get blackheads too. Sometimes there are dry skin coming off around the lip area and the nose. Will this work for me? If yes, what and ... Read more
PERFECT SKIN BUNDLE by on March 20, 2019
I just got my shipment in, and it was quick. I will purchase these again. The Flash Perfection Exfoliating Treatment was my favorite! The Porefining Face Mask is stronger , I can, I love that the jar is more like glass and the face mask goes a lon... Read more
Did not receive by on March 12, 2019
Product works, but upon receiving my package i’ve noticed that I didn’t get an applicator brush!!.. I will order again hopefully it’s in this one. Fingers crossed.
Sand and sky by on March 04, 2019
What’s the difference between the blue and pink clay mask? Which one would you recommend for me to use as I have oily skin and open pores on my face and I’m not sure which to buy
This is real by on February 24, 2019
At first i didnt know what to expext, but now i have used it like 3 times and my skin in perfect!! NL - Dit masker werkt dus echt.. ik had eerst mijn twijfels maar ik heb het nu 3 keer gebruikt en mijn huid is echt egaal! Ik had eerst wat bultj... Read more

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