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Porefining Face Mask

Skin looked smoother.

  • 4.5/5
*average rating

Pores looked tightened.

  • 4/5
*average rating

Skin was brighter.

  • 4.2/5
*average rating

Skin looked detoxiied.

  • 4.1/5
*average rating

Best mask of 2017


Would repeat their purchase


Have seen results

After how many uses did you see results?

  • 1 USE = 24%
  • 2 USE = 26%
  • 3 USE = 28%
  • 4 USE = 22%

Results from a survey sent in December 2017 to Sand & Sky cutomers, based on 10,954 answers.

Flash Perfection Exfoliating Treatment

Dry dull skin cells were removed.

  • 4.8/5
*average rating

Skin felt smoother and resurfaced.

  • 4.6/5
*average rating

Noticed fewer breakouts.

  • 4.1/5
*average rating

Skin felt invigorated.

  • 4.1/5
*average rating

Best exfoliator in the last year


Have seen results

After how many uses did you see results?

  • 1 USE = 50%
  • 2 USE = 33%
  • 3 USE = 9%
  • 4 USE = 8%

Results from a survey sent in March 2018 to Sand & Sky customers.

Porefining Face Mask

4.6/5 (350)
My new best friend! by on September 20, 2018
Absolutely love the mask and the scrub, I alternate with them through the week and now that I'm halfway through the jar and bottle, I'm seeing major results. I have combination skin, prone to acne, and this is a miracle in a jar. Even old acne sca... Read more
Excellent customer service and product! by on September 17, 2018
This is not my first time to use their product but this time I stuck with a shipment issue. They solved the problem for me in just an hour. They believe in their customers as I trust them. Back to the product, I can feel my skin become smoother... Read more
BEST . MASK . EVER !! by on September 04, 2018
Your mask is FANTABULOUS!!😍💫💖 i got mine about 3 weeks ago and used it 3 times a week. for the first week, my face was purging as i got 2 moderate acne on my face😭(i think its the formula flushing out all the bad stuff🤮). but then i continued usin... Read more
Best ever! by on August 20, 2018
I loved this product used it 2 months beforw my wedding and it cleared up my skin, made it look brighter and more even i cant get enough of it!
Absolutely Amazing by on August 07, 2018
I've always had combination skin. My face either over dries when I've tried to use face wash or get extra oily. On top of having extremely sensitive skin! I've used proactive when I was younger didn't work for me it was too strong and used to burn... Read more

Exfoliating Treatment

4.7/5 (19)
Scrub & Mask by on September 24, 2018
I love the scrub and the mask so much!! I have tried many, many products over my 40 years and by far I am the happiest with Sand & Sky!!! I live in Boston, MA. so with the crazy weather these products have worked through the cold and the heat!! ... Read more
Wow! by on September 13, 2018
First of all Igot sand and sky to see if it’s just the hype or all worth it! And l have to say it is!!! After 3 weeks of use my skin feels so smooth and soft and looks so beautiful! I have oily skin so I always have problems with blackheads and st... Read more
Can't live with out it!! by on July 25, 2018
This stuff is soo good! the glow i had the morning after using it was incredible! i've been using this for a few weeks now and my skin is a LOT clearer
Perfect and Pink by on July 25, 2018
Such a lovely feeling on my face! i even bring it down onto my shoulders, feels so good!
TEXTURE by on July 25, 2018
Yasssss soo good! the texture is amazing! getting allllll those dead skin cells!

Perfect Skin Bundle

4.8/5 (26)
Sand & sky clay by on September 02, 2018
This clay is Amazing i have sensitive skin and it works very well on my skin!! I have ordered more and i have also tried the scrub!!! They are both Amazing products i recommend it to my FRIENDS and ENTIRE FAMILY!!
IN LOVE! by on July 25, 2018
So in love with these bad boys, the mask dries so quick and feels so good, and the exfoliatior is perfect after i take my make up off!
good for my oily skin by on July 25, 2018
Useing these two together had helped my oily skin so much! the Exfoliator gets rid of the dead skin cells and the mask actually gets rid of my pores, such a nice feeling after i have masked!
Perfect gift set by on July 25, 2018
Got these two for my firend for her bday, after i heard her review i had to get them for my slef! so nice together!
Perfect Duo by on July 25, 2018
These to together are just insane! and they smell so goooooood.

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