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Expected delivery delays

    Unfortunately, our delivery partner Canada Post is reporting significant delivery delays across its network. You can find out more about how this may affect your order here. We ask that you please be patient with our frontline postal workers as they race to get your order to you safe and sound. We're right here with you, waiting on deliveries of our "comfy sweats", "sourdough baking tin", and "lots of wine" if our team's search history is anything to go by!

    Please do reach out to us at [email protected] if you have any questions regarding your order, we're here to help!


    We know the world is looking like a scary place at the moment, and we wanted to take a moment to speak about focusing on what we can control when everything outside is feeling a little shaky.

    One of the things we can control is our behaviour in providing a service to you. At Sand & Sky, we are working around the clock to control how the global pandemic we are facing affects you, our family. That means maintaining strict safety and hygiene procedures, for your health and the health of our fulfilment team. We will speak more about our policy on safety and hygiene below, answering some of your questions on what ‘business-as-usual’ looks like for Sand & Sky.

    The other thing we can control, all of us, is our behaviour towards each other. Compassion and closeness have been two big topics for us at Sand & Sky HQ in the past weeks as the situation has evolved. Over our three years of (admittedly excellent) Aussie skincare, the real highlight has been in discovering this incredible instant connection with you online. We’ve learned exactly how strong and close a community can be, without ever meeting face to face.

    We invite you to take this time to be compassionate with yourself during this time, and towards others. Remember the connections you can find in the hardest of circumstances, over the big stuff and the little. Send us your questions, tell us how you’re feeling, share your favourite memes for us to bond over or just let us know if you’re scared.

    We’ll be right here, on the other end of the screen, ready to listen.

Not so usual business

    It is most important to us that our team, our partners, and our customers are as safe as possible during this time. So our ‘business as usual’ now comes with an added layer of protective measures at every step of our order process to ensure sanitary packing and processing of your orders and deliveries, keeping your skincare essentials safe while also looking after the people we have processing them.

    Please know that we have dedicated and highly-experienced teams closely monitoring the latest advice from the World Health Organisation (WHO), along with local and national Government bodies to review our approach as the global situation evolves. We will remain transparent with you and our team as we see it progress.

Your Deliveries

    We are still shipping globally at this time, and working closely with our delivery partners to ensure parcels arrive in the safest way possible. This includes ensuring all partners adhere to hygiene precautions as advised by local government and health authorities in consultation with World Health Organisation advice. For further detail around additional measures, our local delivery partners have in place, see below.

    Find out more here: Canada Post

Packaging and Orders

    Your orders are safe: our Fulfillment Centres are being cleaned frequently and rigorously. We are following advice from the World Health Organisation and local health authorities and all our packaging staff have increased access to hand sanitisers, along with personal protective equipment where required and relevant.


    Our Fulfilment Centre staff are upholding high hygiene standards as advised by the World Health Organisation and local health authorities when collecting and inspecting returns, including the use of gloves and strict hand sanitisation procedures

Our Team

    Our Sand & Sky team have been playing our part by practicing social distancing and working remotely to help mitigate the spread of COVID-19 in our communities. You’ll find our team working from home with a face mask on, ensuring your skincare supply gets to you quickly, safely, and right on time for that no-video conference call.

Customer Service

    For any specific questions not answered here, our dedicated Customer Service Team is here for you. Check out our FAQ page for the latest updates across support channels and hours.