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The Top 5 Benefits of Body Scrubs

The Top 5 Benefits of Body Scrubs


Want soft, smooth, radiant skin from top to toe? Then it’s time to add an exfoliating body scrub to your beauty routine. Sloughing away dry, dull skin and boosting the absorption (and benefits) of your other body care prods, a body scrub is the most luxurious, invigorating way to exfoliate your body – and reveal that healthy glow below.  


Body Sand Body Scrub

Regular exfoliation has help to improve blood circulation and the absorption of other body products on your skin.


From silky-smooth, strokable skin to a reduction in body blemishes and prevention of pesky ingrowns, here are five benefits of using a body scrub. Some of them might just surprise you!


1. Removes Dead Skin Cells

This one is kinda obvious, but it still needs to be said – the number one benefit of body scrubs is that they remove dead skin cells. Formulated with manual exfoliants such as shell, sugar and coffee grounds (our Australian Pink Clay Smoothing Body Sand sloughs thanks to coconut and macadamia shell), body scrubs dislodge the dead stuff to reveal softer, smoother, more supple skin.

However, body scrubs don’t just scrub away at the surface of the skin. The best scrubs also include hydrating, nourishing or detoxifying ingredients that penetrate more deeply to enhance the beauty of the skin below.


2. Clear Pores & Blemishes

Bothered by backne or bumpy skin? In addition to removing dead skin cells, body scrubs work to improve the overall health (and appearance) of your skin by clearing pores of toxins and breakout-causing build-up. These two things love to live inside your pores and cause unsightly acne and other blemishes that can ruin your day. By using a body scrub, you can more effectively cleanse your skin, prevent congestion and help keep body acne at bay. So, you can buy that backless dress, and wear it too!


3. Hydrates Your Skin

Another benefit of body scrubs for your skin is increased hydration. After you’ve scrubbed, your skin is better able to absorb moisturisers because your pores are open, so any water or lotion you use will soak into your skin much more easily. This will make your skin look and feel more supple and smooth. Additionally, most multitasking body scrubs will feed the skin with hydrating and nourishing ingredients – like the virgin macadamia oil in our Insta-famous Smoothing Body Sand.

4. Prevent Ingrown Hairs 

There’s no denying ingrown hairs are a pain in the butt (and thighs, underarms and bikini line). Thankfully, however, regular use of a good body scrub can dramatically reduce the amount that you get. How? Using a body scrub on areas where you frequently shave or wax helps keep your pores and hair follicles clear and open, which encourages your body hair to grow out instead of back into the skin. While exfoliating ingrown-prone areas can benefit anyone, it’s especially important for people with coarse, curly body hair.


5. Help Fade Acne Scars 

Body scrubs don’t just reduce body acne and blemishes, they’re also great for getting rid of acne scars and promoting a more even skintone. Revitalising the skin, body scrubs help to speed up cell turnover. Which means? Mild to moderate acne scars and discoloration will fade faster as healthier skin continues to appear.


How to Use a Body Scrub

Grab a small scoop of our ultra-fine Smoothing Body Sand (a little goes a long way!) and massage into wet skin, in circular motions. Leave on the skin for an extra minute or two to let the virgin olive oil work its hydrating magic, then rinse off. Gently pat your skin dry with a towel and admire your bright, beautiful skin.


How Often to Use a Body Scrub

How often you use a body scrub will depend on your skin type and factors such as how often you use fake tan. For oily, congestion-prone skin, we suggest using our Body Sand up to three times a week. For normal or dry skin, use once or twice a week. Always patch test first.


Where does a Body Scrub fit into my skincare routine? 

We suggest you use our Australian Pink Clay Smoothing Body Sand as a part of your weekly routine to gently purify the skin and reduce ingrown hairs, body acne, cellulite and uneven skin texture. Coconut and Macadamia Shell gently removes dry, dull skin cells while Australian Virgin Macadamia Oil locks in moisture for silky-soft, touch-me skin! Perfect for a quick fix in the shower, with a free scoop designed to keep your application clean!


Is the Australian Pink Clay Smoothing Body Sand safe to use on intimate areas?

Our Australian Pink Clay Smoothing Body Sand is safe to use all over, however, we do not recommend any internal use for this product. Stay safe, and smooth!


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