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Porefining Face Mask

4.6/5 (330)
One word A M A Z I N G !! by on April 03, 2018
I tried a travel size and I wish I would’ve got a big one lol I started seeing my dark spots fade in two days of using it . I will be ordering again
Funziona! by on April 03, 2018
Fantastica, la pelle risulta fresca pulita splendente ed i pori sono veramente levigati. Ormai è la terza volta che l’acquisto, e ne sono super soddisfatta! La usa anche il mio compagno!
Possibly the best mask I’ve ever used by on April 02, 2018
I was lucky enough to score a sample size tube in a #bellabox I think I got about or more full treatments from, it refreshed my aging skin and immediate results were like skin from my 20’s again!! I really need to order a tub, although it is a lit... Read more
Love!! by on April 01, 2018
I'm in love with this mask!! I won't lie putting it on is kinda fun!! Haha like I'm painting away my imperfections!! My Skin Is So soft!! I did notice it will pull some pimples out but it's doing it's job!! And the glow of my skin after 😍😍😍... my... Read more
IT WORKS! by on April 01, 2018
I never believed in such creams or masks to be honest, but this one really works! I had to give it a try because a lot of my friends recommended it for me, and it took me two days of using it to clearly see any changes, the results were fantastic!... Read more

Exfoliating Treatment

4.8/5 (5)
TOTAL GAMECHANGER by on April 03, 2018
My bestie tried this out with me and oh my god!! We are both hooked!! We used it before going out and our makeup lookd 1000 times better on our new smooth skin!
Magic! by on April 02, 2018
LOVE how smooth my skin felt after!!! Defo adding it to my rotation
skin is SO smooth! by on March 31, 2018
my skin is sooo sensitive so i wasn't sure how I would go with this... but it worked SO well no irritation and my skin feels super smooth now. i liked that it didn't tingle like the mask does
It is amazing by on March 30, 2018
Love the packaging, love the texture, how it feels on my skin. It removes easily afterwards. Does an amazing job. My skin felt so great afterwards!
In LOVE! by on March 30, 2018
My pores were MASSIVELY reduced... This is the thing that makes this product really incredible, the scarring on my face has diminished considerably. This is not something I thought was actually possible!

Perfect Skin Bundle

4.8/5 (6)
Dark Spots by on April 26, 2018
My complexion has changed with my hormones and I've had several large dark spots appear I also was a soccer mom always being out in the sun even though using lots of sunscreen didn't work. I tried so MANY products promising results but nothing eve... Read more
My fave new products! by on April 03, 2018
I have adult cystic acne (ugh) and have been making the painful switch to natural products for a while now. Thanks to Sand & Sky for the first time in six months I feel like I have a clear skin future in sight!! The exfoliating treatment also hel... Read more
Really awesome by on April 03, 2018
My Skin ist just so clear after using the two products. I love it. The exfolaiting treatment feels so nice on my skin. The mask also dries very quickly which is awesome when you want to to something beside it. I can a 100 percent recommend this. T... Read more
No more PORES! by on April 03, 2018
in love with these products!! totally worth the money buying in a set. my pores have completely disappeared!!
BEST skin of my life by on April 03, 2018
No more makeup! I can't believe how well these two work together. I'm combo/oily and literally used to carry around powder foundation to control my shine. 3 weeks after using these two and my makeup routine is just sunscreen, mascara and out the d... Read more

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