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Pricey but for me, worth it... by on November 17, 2017
I have had problem skin all my life and was very excited when I heard about Sand & Sky. While I didn't get the immediate pore tightening, face smoothing results advertised, with regular use (every two days) it has certainly improved my skin overal... Read more
Suddenly I’m beautiful, glowing & healthy lookin’ by on November 16, 2017
What even is this wizardry? I’m legit blown away by this mask. After one use I applied make up (inc. foundation) and about 5,000 people told me how amazing my skin looked. After two uses, I’m no longer wearing foundation. In fact I’m bar... Read more
BEST PRODUCT I HAVE EVER USED!! by on November 16, 2017
Im 18 years old and have always had bad acne/oily skin and I came across this product and saw how expensive it was!! I was a bit iffy about paying it but I did and I could honestly say that it is worth every cent I payed for it! I’ve never been ... Read more
J’adore by on November 16, 2017
I waited 8 months to buy this product, why?!! This product is amazing. I tried à lot of good organic products but this one gives eveything to detoxify the skin 👌 very good price/quality comparaison Big thanks from Paris!
Best stuff so far by on November 14, 2017
I’ve tried a lot of products on my skin, mostly natural ones, and this is hands down the best one so far. It’s visibly effective. I’m one of those unfortunate girls who suffers from hormonal breakouts. Since using Sand and Sky I barely break out a... Read more

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