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SPOT TREATMENT LOVER by on February 26, 2018
I used this as a mask once every two weeks but I really love it as a spot treatment !!! It truly decreases the size of my cystic pimples over night but make sure you also eat healthy and stay hydrated because a holistic approach is always the bett... Read more
It's not only my face mask, but mine and my BF's! by on February 25, 2018
I had a very sensitive skin and prone to acne. So before i tried it, I asked my BF to did it first. And man! We have never missed our face mask day on Sunday arvo ever since! It gives my skin a healthier look and taken out the dryness in my nose a... Read more
2 by on February 25, 2018
Al Reem Island / Near the Mayan Towers Ain Shams Building 8th Floor
receptionist by on February 24, 2018
can this product be used on black american skin!just asking..
Interesting! by on February 23, 2018
Hi there, how it can last for a bottle of sand&sky?

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