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Best mask for Asian skin by on June 27, 2017
I always have sensitive and easily irritated skin. The mask works so well on me leaving my skin smooth and soft just after the first use. Used it on my teenage Son and he loved it too!
Miss by on June 23, 2017
Well what can I say I was a bit sceptical at first as I kept seeing adverts on Facebook about this new Amazing face mask.. I initially thought to my self don't get phased in by buying this. But I somehow found myself ordering it When it arri... Read more
Claymask review by on June 23, 2017
I'm really happy with this product. I used it for the first time last night. I saw immediate results. My skin felt soft and my pores seemed tighter. I would highly recommend this product to my friends and family. I will make this mask a weekly... Read more
WOW. Just, WOW. by on June 23, 2017
So I treated myself to this for my birthday. I thought it cant be that amazing, I get two different beauty boxes a month so I get to try a lot of different face masks and similar products but I fancied a treat and I loved the colour and the idea o... Read more
Is anybody took a picture there face b4 abd after by on June 23, 2017
Is anybody take a picture there face before and after they use it.kindly show the really skeptical to buy it because, just wondering if its really work

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