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worth every cent by on September 16, 2017
I received this product in the bellabox and wasn't rushing to use it - it's pretty unassuming packaging, tiny tube etc BUT when I did (before a night out), it left my skin feeling firm, moisturised and glowing... I'm definitely going back for more!
I am a BELIEVER by on September 16, 2017
Still on my first jar about to order my second. I see major results. Face broke out bad during pregnancy. Started with a chemical peel then I started using sand and sky followed by pure oils and ambi. Love it! I see instant results each exfoliatio... Read more
Smoothest skin!! by on September 15, 2017
I can't rate this clay mask highly enough! I will be honest, I don't have any acne scaring or blotchy skin, but I do have oily skin and prone to brake outs. However, Sky & Sand has helped to shrink my pores, smoothen the complexion and balance ... Read more
Amazing! by on September 14, 2017
Wow! So far so great! I wasn't expecting such an immediate result. I thought I'd try it and see if it would work over time but it had a massive positive affect right after! I've always had problem skin, with massive pores etc and I've never seen m... Read more
Took me back to my childhood! by on September 12, 2017
After getting this mysterious tube of pink in our bellabox I was curious. So with one of the housemates unable to use it due to her vitamin A I used it with the other housemate. And I cried. It feels amazing and gentle and soft but that awesome ti... Read more

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