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What weight? by on January 16, 2018
I recently tried this mask and absolutely loved it so I want to buy more! Only thing is though what weight are these pots? It doesn't say in the description
Little Genie in a bottle! 👏🏻👌🌈 by on January 14, 2018
I was skeptical about this product, as most are of any skin care product. It truly is a little Genie in a bottle!! It goes on smooth and cool and as it dries you can feel it tightening your skin! Helps reduce any inflammation on your face from pas... Read more
Loved this product! by on January 11, 2018
In the last few months I have been experiencing lots of breakouts and huge pores and I’d been looking for the perfect facemask for me.. I finally found it! This mask is amazing! Leaves my skin feeling tight, bright and rejuvenated! Buying more soon!
by on January 10, 2018
This product has helped my follicular problem. I highly recommend!
Love this mask! by on January 10, 2018
I had been looking forward to trying this mask for ages, as I had heard amazing reviews. I wasn't disappointed when I finally got hold of some! In all honesty, my skin is not bad. I don't tend to get spots, but just recently, have had a few break ... Read more

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