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BEST MASK I HAVE EVER USED!!!! by on October 29, 2017
I have been using a mask on my face for years and years. I have spent so much money trying new masks. I can honestly say this mask is the best mask I have ever used in my life! Please, please never stop making this mask. I finally feel I have ... Read more
Love it! by on October 29, 2017
My pores are tighter and my skin is brighter!
by on October 26, 2017
What if I don't use night cream and other products and just use this face mask will it still give a good result 😊
Amazing by on October 24, 2017
This product is incredible!!! Totally in love!
Wow by on October 22, 2017
I’ve seen the promo for sand and sky come past my newsfeed on nimerous occasions. At first apprehensive to spend that much money for fearnit didn’t work, when 15% discount was offered I decided to take the plunge. My parcel arrived today and I a... Read more

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