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Can I try it before? by on February 22, 2018
Hello! Do you send samples? I prefer to try the product before using it ;)
LIFE SAVERRR by on February 22, 2018
I must say, im in love with this product and honestly I’ve been referring this product to other people. I’m in complete awe at how great my skins looks and feels! I’m thinking about buying one for each of my sisters because I truly believe it coul... Read more
Best mask ever ! by on February 21, 2018
Have been using this clay mask since 2 months back and its giving awesome results ! Skin conditions improved and smoother than before ! Really love this product!
BEST things EVER by on February 19, 2018
I’m obsessed with this product. I am using it all the time. Made my face extremely soft and healthy. I used to have really dry skin with acne, Nothing was working like this amazing clay. The shipping was so fast! Got to me in two days!! I’m in l... Read more
Worth the money !! by on February 16, 2018
This mask is amazing my skin is so clear and glows after use , love using this before I apply my makeup goes on flawless , you get lots of uses out of it aswell so it's worth the money if you think of all the couple of pound face masks you buy add... Read more

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