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So incredibly thankful! by on November 25, 2017
This product is like no other! Instant results are nearly impossible to get from skin products but Sand&Sky is a whole other product. I have had problematic skin for decades and I managed to get it under control but not without lasting scars and r... Read more
Amazing Stuff by on November 24, 2017
I bought the mask based on reviews I saw on Facebook and on this web site, and I'm so happy I did. I'm 51 with combination skin, and my daughter is 16 and has issues with acne. This product worked wonders for both of us. Highly recommend.
Even my boyfriend loved it! by on November 24, 2017
This product is a godsend!! I have used it a few times, and also offered one as a birthday gift (my sister also loves it!!). I love the product, it feels clean, refreshing and so cleansing! I asked my boyfriend to try it to make sure I wasn't ima... Read more
Love it so much by on November 23, 2017
For me it was like a love at first sight <3 I am a makeup artist and I was looking for a very long time something what keeps your skin looking fresh and to be nourished and prepare skin for the makeup at the same time. Skin is immediately softer,... Read more
Worth every penny. Highly recommended by on November 23, 2017
I thought when I saw the ad on instagram that it’s just a fake product like many else.. but the details and reviews convinced me to buy 4 from the first time and share them with sisters and friends! All of us were amazed with the result so I’m wri... Read more

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