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4.6/5 (229)
love this product by on December 04, 2017
Amazing product, a must try ! Makes my face feel so clean and flawless
Very good so far by on December 03, 2017
I’ve only tried it once and saw results right after the first time. My skin is smoother and lighter especially under eyes. I recommend it for everyone and I’m super sensitive to different skincare I’ve tried, so I can safely say that this is one o... Read more
Amazing by on December 03, 2017
Arrived in 6 days. Saw results after first time. Really much more clear and brighter skin. I have really sensitive and problematic skin and did not cause any irritation. Highly recommended.
Asking by on December 02, 2017
Wondering if this product will convenient for pingmentation?
Worth every penny! by on December 01, 2017
I'm a very strong believer that in order to have healthy glowing skin that you must first start with your nutrition and minimizing stress levels. However this mask certainly helps with the exterior part of the process, kinda like " burning the can... Read more

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