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Love at first use! by on December 06, 2017
The first time I used this mask I saw instant results! I felt confident enough right afterwards to only wear a little concealer and I foundation. It made that much of a difference instantly! I did have the urge to moisturize afterwards. Not becaus... Read more
My Pores Are Smaller by on December 05, 2017
I’ve used a lot of different masks over the years, all promising different things. This one actually delivers. My skin is super soft and smooth. I have very large pores in my T-zone and chin and they are always filled with blackheads. Well, my por... Read more
Sand and sky is doooooope! by on December 05, 2017
Totally a part of my skin care regimen now!! In combo with what I do at age 40.. My skin looks and feels as soft as my children's faces.. Recommend to all!!!!!
Great mask! by on December 05, 2017
Loved my shiny, very clean, smoother complexion that also looked brighter after use. I was skeptical at first as I applied, and felt a burning sensation which cooled down to a refresin feeling as mask dried. Would purchase again but would wait til... Read more
Love it!! by on December 05, 2017
Such an amazing product, my skin feels unbelievable just after the first use. Can’t wait to see the results in a months time. Thank you x

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