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Pink clay mask by on August 26, 2017
Wow!!!! I have tried loads of masks and this by far is the best. My skin instantly felt soft and had a beautiful glow . I always put make up on and it was really nice to just have a natural face for the day as I really felt I didn't need to wear a... Read more
REALLY AMAZING! by on August 25, 2017
I've never encounter such a mask before! It feels so light on the skin, easy to wash it off. Feels so amazing after washing it off. My face feels so soft and smooth! Even days after! Highly recommended! <3 love it!
PayPal by on August 25, 2017
I would try it just because it's from down under. Tee tree oil is great too. But I only order using PayPal. What a shame I couldn't use it here.
It does work!! by on August 25, 2017
Bought this to try as it got so much hype and honestly it's brilliant. I use it also on my daughter's face who is 11. She has outbreaks of eczema and ache that varies from time to time. After using this her skin was noticeably better. Will defini... Read more
Not for me. by on August 22, 2017
The mask has slightly brightened some of my skin. But only for a little while after use. My pores look the same, I still have some red patches, uneven tone, and breakouts. My skin also doesn't feel cleaner like they say it should. Maybe I had too ... Read more

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