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Pretty good by on November 04, 2017
I love the scent. It reminds me of parsley. Unfortunately my combination skin has been acting like a terrorist lately, and even this can’t fight it. Breakout city. I will try again once it calms down. Prior to this irrational outbreak (my skin rea... Read more
Amazing by on November 03, 2017
This product is amazing. Cleanses the skin amazingly and if used before applying make up its absolutely flawless 10/10
Very good quality product by on November 03, 2017
My skin is usually greasy (nose, forehead). I use this mask once a week and it really helps. My skin is still greasy during the day (because of pollution and anxiety so that's another story), but it's definitely cleaner / neater and it helped... Read more
Love itttttt by on November 02, 2017
Feels so good, makes the skin look and feel amazing!!
Pimple by on November 02, 2017
I'm in love with this product.. It really help me with my pimples on my face and i really can see the different.. This is the best product i ever had.. And will continue using this..

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