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4.6/5 (229)
Love it by on September 02, 2017
Fast delivery. Easy it fit into my daily routine with only having to leave it on for about 10 minutes vs 30 minutes with other masks. Leaves skin feeling super soft.
Worth the wait by on September 01, 2017
I have to say this is the best mask I've ever tried. It calmed my skin and took most of the redness out. It just felt and looked good. I did have to wait for quite some time for it to arrive but I didn't really mind because of the emails they sent... Read more
Game changer by on August 31, 2017
Adding Sand&Sky to my weekly skin cleansing regime really made the difference. I use an organic face wash, then twice a week (I have sensitive skin) I use Sand&Sky just before I go to bed. Absolutely love the difference it makes to my skin 😍
Not bad by on August 30, 2017
I've used this twice so far, and I sort of like it for the most part. I do feel like it helped to brighten my skin, and my skin definitely feels as smooth as a baby's bottom. I can't say it did much for shrinking the appearance of my pores, but I ... Read more
As incredible as they make it out to be by on August 28, 2017
I've had blackheads on my nose and chin for as long as I could remember. There are products and tools that remove the blackheads, sure, but they always come back so quick. This stuff just erases them! I know there's a beautiful scientific explanat... Read more

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